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artistic researcher

Born in Kolkata, India, the Botanical Illustrator and Artistic researcher moved to Zurich in  2021 working on the notion of the Common Ground. With a background in teaching Art and Design theory, one of the recurring themes in Dutt Islam’s works is a decolonial and eco-feminist approach to the curiosity and fascination that we experienced as children regarding the origins and uniqueness of various species in our habitat. By juxtaposing elements from different species, Dutt Islam prompts us to consider the complexity of our own origins and identities, urging us to reflect on the notions of borders, belonging, and the interconnectedness of all life forms. Her practice serves as a reminder that life is intertwined, and our understanding of our habitat and ourselves should embrace diversity and interconnectedness. After the completion of her MA in Fine Arts at the Zhdk, she is pursuing an MA in Transdisciplinary Studies at the Zhdk and is currently working as a Scientific Assistant at the Sukkulenten-Sammlung, Zurich. She is also the co-founder of Terravibe: Flüstern aus der Erde an eco-feminist collective exploring soil as common ground.

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